The Flight-JOLIE!!!

Lundi 03/09/2013~~
I arrived in London airport at 10:30pm, and my plane was not until the next day at 1:15pm.
I was very excited to buy some French magazines (I also bought a Brisitsh magazine) to kill sometime. I really enjoyed the French articles in the Marie Claire. I haven’t picked up an American fashion magazine in quite sometime, but from my memory when I open one a million subscription cards fall out, and 85% of the magazine is of ads, diets, and not as intelligent articles I would hope for. The French Marie Claire was very interesting and exceeded the American topics of interest. The articles consisted of Benefits of a vegetarian diet (YAY!), women in power in other cultures (for the United States they talked about Native American Tribes). They also had an article of the United State’s prison system for women with children. Another article was about women who have been sexually mutilated where their clitoris has been removed, and now there is a few hospitals in Paris helping these women reconstruct themselves. As one can conclude, it is very empowering topics for women, and none of the ads or articles were deaming, which in my opinion is very common in the United States.


My flight leaving the UK


Somewhere over France (: The pilot said it was the clearest  flight it has been for awhile, we were able to see Paris but I couldn’t recognize anything.


Seeing all the mountains was my favorite part. Much of France was way more hilly than I thought. SO PRETTYYYY This was pretty close to Marseille, so my guess was it may have been the Montpellier mountains.

At last Marseille, took my breathe away.


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