A little bit about Avignon: Avignon is inside old walls. Where Les Palais des Papes is, there is the major street <<La Republique>> This street sepeartes the chic Avignon, from the popular Avignon of the locals. Looking at the map, to the left of the street are stores like Dior, Chanel, Hennes, fine dinning (like 85 euros a plate) and also stores like H&M and Zara.  To the right of the street, one can find all the houses, apartments, true French boutiques, cafes, my home, and the University of Avignon. 

I spend a lot of time walking the streets to the right of La Republique. Every street has little details that are very unique and beautiful. I have yet to experience French dining or cafes, but I have done a lot of shopping in the stores. So far a children’s bookstore has been my favorite, along with a clothing store that is very French. The man lived in San Fransico for a year and he loved to speak “American” as he called it, to me. He gets all his clothes from an independant designer in…I think it was Singapore. Very modern, futuristic hand crafty I would describe it lol.





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