Walking the streets September~14


This guy gave me heart eyes forever. He was also of course owned by the cutest old couple. I cannot get over how well behaved and lovely French dogs are.
Morning Market Macarons

One of my favorite stores.
Palais des Papes! I went on a walk to the park to a eat a gluten free carrot/cumin bread I bought at the market. It was lovely! It’s very French to have a lunch in the park. A lot of couples lay around in the grass. I also like to people watch the tourists. I haven’t seen too many Americans, well like any lol. There are a lot of British, Itailian, and I think today there were a group of Polish tourists.

I was also hit on by a creepy man. I was amazed at how well and easy it was for me to speak French to turn someone down. lol Now if only my French came as natural in a good situation.
IO IS BEAUTIFUL- Has been a saying I’ve seen a few places. Bio meaning organic (: There are a lot of health, organic stores here. I’ve been meaning to go and get my Soya milk lol. There’s a specific organic section in the market, with groceries and a cafe. The cafe is where I bought my carrot bread! They have  A LOT of fruit compost, kind of like apple sauce, but it is veryyyyy thin, smooth, and condensed. My homestay offers it to me a lot for dessert. It is delicious! I will defiantly have to learn how to make it.


One thought on “Walking the streets September~14

  1. Love the pics. Would love to see some of the market pics. Glad you are getting some recipes to bring home. Don’t forget to share!

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