My apartment complex! I am on the third floor. It is a nice workout everyday climbing the stairs. The family on the first floor is a single woman with 5 children. They have four dogs, a cat, and also an exchange student living there.
The woman in the middle is a single family, keeps to her self.



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IMG_4419 IMG_4422 MIMG_4423 IMG_4425

My room! The very first night I didn’t sleep with the netting covering, because in the US we use it for decor, so I thought that was it was lol. I woke up with mosquito bites on my face, nose, and arms. It was horrible. I was quick to learn that the bugs love the foreign food of tourists.
Storage wraps around two walls in my room, so the space is very practical!
I also have the best views.

Things I have learned from Ma Famille d’Accueil already

-We eat breakfast 7-9am depending on that day’s schedule. Toasted homemade bread with jam or butter. The very first morning I told my homestay I like my bread plain and she looked at me like I had 5 eyes. So now I am French, and eat my bread with jam.
-Keep the bread out on the counter, uncovered, and toast it until it is pretty hard. Therefore, the bread is never soft when I eat it lol.
-ALWAYS use your knife when eating. This is the most difficult for me, because in the US we even cut our food with our fork. Use your knife to cut, mix up the food before you eat (pasta or salald), to scoop the food unto the fork, ect. Even though it is a struggle for me, I found to enjoy it. I eat my food slower and more proper.
-Dinner is always at 8pm! –
-Watch your energy consumption (we never have lights on) and take short showers! We eat a lot on the balacony and we’ll have a candle lit for lighting.
-We have our own cloth napkins each week, so I LOVE how we don’t waste paper.
-She has a tiny pot for composte.
-EVERYTHING is in mason jars, I absolutely love that.
-I also noticed a lot of things in France comes in tin boxes, like a kit. Such as for first aid, tea, or even kleenex.
-They simply call tape “scotch”
-The word for cupcake is “cupcake” and not “Petit Gateau” like I learned in school. Petit gateau is like cookies, biscotties, tea cookie cake things lol. Verrryyyy thin cakes that pretty much look like a cookie.
-She is very healthy, and if Batiste wants something sweet she’ll give him dried fruit!
-Oh and Batiste’s school is very cool! He goes to a liberal school, that isn’t connected to France. Therefore, it is private and very expensive. I went one day and it is very organic. The pre-school class was in a garden! She said she choose this school because it has less competition, and it is more involved with having a good imaginaiton, being creative, and being socially involved,  aka loving. The school is also vegertarian! Which is amazing. Batiste doesn’t eat his vegetables at dinner though because he says he eats enough at school lol.

-She cooks for servings, so not a lot of left overs, waste or over eating.

-Every sunday we go to the morning market, for food and for flea market finds. She goes for coffee at an outside cafe area in the town center. She says everyone goes to run into people, and then to ask them how their week/weekend was.
-When the neighbors eat outside, they like to know exactly what they are eating. I don’t want to say they’re nosey, but they like to be informed lol.

-I have learned so much! These are just some little things that stood out as the most different (:


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  1. Quel joli appartement ! C’est super que votre famille d’accueil soit ouverte au végétarisme. J’aimerais bien avoir une cuisine (et une vue! ) comme ça.

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