Les Chiens


My first morning market purchase: 3 euro dog blouse! -how I plan to wear it (:

After awhing, heart eyeing, and taking a million pictures of dogs I don’t know, I decided to do some research.
—–According to-justlanded.com—-

–There are around 17 dogs to every 100 people in France, one of the highest ratios in the world, and an unofficial dog population of some 10m (over 500,000 in Paris alone). 

–40% of French people list their dogs as the most important thing in their lives (even more important than their lovers!) AHHH THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO GET ME

–The French spend some €3 billion on them annually; there’s at least one ‘poodle-parlour’ (salon de toilettage) in every town. Avignon came up with 7 salons. I defiantly plan to go to the ones inside the wall, and see what they are all about!

 -There’s a canine pâtisserie in Paris, called unimaginatively ‘Mon Bon Chien’, where pampered pooches can be kitted out with haute couture clothing as well as treated to haute cuisine ‘cakes’.

-All dogs born after 6th January 1999 must be given an official identifying number, either in the form of a tattoo or contained in a microchip inserted under their skin. This rule is designed to make it easier to find the owners of stray dogs and to reduce the incidence of ‘dog trafficking’. Around 100,000 dogs are abandoned by their owners every year, many at the start of the long summer holiday or after the hunting season is over, and stray dogs are regularly rounded up and taken to the local pound ( fourrière) to be destroyed.

–A further 60,000 dogs are stolen each year and certain breeds are highly prized.

–The unpleasant aspect of France’s vast dog population is abundantly evident on the pavements of towns and cities (officially known as déjections canines). I AM VERY WELL AWARE OF THIS. >.<

–Over 600 Parisians are hospitalised every year after slipping on déjections canines, and there’s a national association of mothers called Inter-Mamans, who have threatened to ‘donate’ their children’s soiled nappies to mayors throughout France unless they take action to clear the streets of dog mess!

–In Paris and some other cities, there are dog toilet areas. However, most dog owners take their pets to a local park or car park or simply let them loose in the streets to do their business, although allowing your pooch to poop on the pavement is illegal and you can be fined up to €450 if you don’t ‘scoop’ up after it. (I don’t believe that because I only see it on the pavements)



Currently I am going to school for French, in hopes of being an English professor in France. As of now, I will be highly reasearching these “salon de toilettage”  
and the life they give as a profession.

Dog grooming by day, English professor night may be a well fit life.

p.s Please don’t think I’m crazy.


2 thoughts on “Les Chiens

  1. You are not crazy. Although dressing dogs in clothes is a little weird. Snap some more pics and watch out for the dog bombs! 😉

    • haha yes I agree, I don’t like it when dogs have clothes (unless it’s cold and they need it!) I will (: I have been trying to get some good ones. I love it when the dogs match there owners in looks heheh

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