I am so relieved that the French cuisine is to my liking. It’s very naive, but somehow I think  traveling abroad I am going to be put into a situation of eating blood sausage or duck pate, because denying it would be the worst possible way of being rude. Maybe I just watch too much of Bizzare Eats with that crazy bald guy on the cooking channel lol.

My homestay informed me that the south of France lives off primary vegetables. It’s a hot climate, good for growing vegetables, therefore, the diet is light. If I was more in the mountains, or the North of France, I would find more meats, beer, and potatoes. Avignon is known for their melon! I have yet to try it, but it is on my list of morning market purchases.

Thus far, my favoirte food experiences have been the bread and the fruits. It’s completly acceptable to walk around with a enormous baguette in your hand for your lunch. No one is going to ask you about your carb or gluten intake. For the fruits, I have been eating my weight in fresh figs and prunes. I had no idea I was eating a prune when I first ate it because I have only seen them dried. The fresh prunes (there are many kinds) but the ones I have been eating look like a giant green grape, with a pit in the middle. The figs and dates are of course served with cheese for dessert. 

Like I mentioned in another post, don’t forget the jam for your bread in the morning!
And Oi la! Tofu exists here (: Batiste eats it a lot at his vegetarian school.


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