Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days)

Every Sunday morning I take a walk through Avignon to rumage through the morning markets. I was very pleased in stuffing my face with an abricot croissant when I ran into three other American students who are also studying at Avignon. I was out of the loop, but they informed me that Sunday was Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days)  !!

For two days a year in Paris and the rest of France, thousands of monuments, government buildings, and privately owned sites of interest open their doors to give the public free reign to areas that are generally not accessible; exhibits, concerts, performances. So if you’ve ever wondered what the Moulin Rouge looks like backstage, the European Heritage Day is the day to explore it.

The meaning behind Heritage days is quite lovely. Europe, not just France, aims to encourage care for architectural and environmental heritage and support understanding and respect among communities. Their motto ‘Europe: a common heritage’.

It was late in the day, around 2pm, and they have already been to many musuems and performances. They were on their way to the ballet and I surely did not want to miss it. We got to go inside the ballet concert hall and watch a practice. I really enjoyed listening to the teacher speaking French and moving elegantly to show how the students should look. After the ballet we went to an exhibit of Greek/Egyptian statues. The whole time I was thinking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because they had some cool stone tombs. I really enjoyed seeing the animals and Greek mythology statues. After that, we went to what was my favorite museum of the day, an art museum. The building in itself was so elegant and beautiful. Half the time I was too busy heart eyeing the walls to even pay attention to the exhibit in the room.

Tiny painted buttons!!

IMG_4273 IMG_4276
The man statue on the right is Hercules!

Below are some paintings that were my favorite.

This man’s face appeared to be “Velvet-y” I liked that
^This painting was one of my favorites. When I first walked past it, it appeared to be all black.
Noah’s Arc
The nudes really are my favorite, its simple, organic, and elegant.


One thought on “Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days)

  1. Hertiage Day is very interest. How lucky and cool to get to go behind the scene and see things from a totally different perceptive. I love the works of art. Thanks for sharing!

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