Montpellier, France

On saturday September, 21 I ventured to Montpellier with two other students. The day was filled with endless amounts of caffine, sugar, and thankfully to add to that, walking. Montepellier is a very beautiful city, filled with cream colored stone buildings, palm trees, parks, and a tram public transportation system that may run you over.


These street lights are the loveliest!
This was in the park we visited. A lot of the parks have this iron, thorney, leafy sculpture to keep people from hoping the gate. I enjoyed this “bottle tree” interpretation.

More beautiful street lights.

An adorable shop!
IMG_4864 IMG_4844

This was a giant rock covered in moss inside of a small park. They had mist spraying over the top,which made it look very mystical!!
IMG_4887 IMG_4886

We took the tram to the bottom of Montpellier, so I can finally say I touched the Mediterranean Sea!!!!! I was suprised to find out that the sea is freezing. It was a small, clean, simple beach, where yes, nudity can be found.

IMG_4883 IMG_4884
We stumpled upon a vegetarian/vegan restaurant!!!! The atmosphere was very tranquil with an ispiration of Middle Eastern and Buddhism flare. The owners were French, but wore beautiful Saris in the colors of pink and aqua. The food was delicatable! The menu marked the items that were (sg)=Without gluten or (vg)=vegan 🙂  The menu included French, Spanish, Greek, and Asian cuisine.

I wanted to expirence some French cusine, so I ordered the <<La Salade Campagne>> It was a vegan pâté

salad. It was delicious! Oh and for the vegans out there who would get as excited as I did, they even had a jar of nutritional yeast in the condiment jars!


Overall Montpellier was a beautiful city. We caught the 6pm train back to Avignon, but as I saw that is when the city came alive. I didn’t know where all the people came from, but the streets were jammed packed with street performers, locals, and tourists. There was defiantly no one on the streets when we arrived at 8:30 am-4:00pm.


These performers were adorable. The song they were singing was in English, but a lot of it was mumbled forgotten words, still, they were really talented!!!  I need to figure out how to upload my video, but I will 🙂


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