I took a little walk after class today for some exercise. Of course it was lunchtime and I was surrounded by people dinning on the streets. So I stopped and consumed a giant baguette and chocolate; my exercise plan wasn’t executed well >.< But like all my walks, I stumbled upon a few moments that will be treasured 🙂


Another marchee in the popular Place Pie square:) I bargained with a guy to get a vintage blurlap sac from the French Post Office. The guy wanted 20 euros, which wasn’t horrible but I wanted it for 10. He wouldn’t go down because he said they go for 50 online and he sells them quick. So sadly, I walked away. He spoke fast French to me the whole time, so he didn’t think I was American! I get that win at least ;p


I stumbled into the record/used DVD store in hopes to find some information on local shows!The towns that are the most popular for live music are Montpellier, Marseille, Lyon, and Nice. Avignon is too small :/ In November there’s a Chicago Blues Festival ! haha Oh and of course I enjoyed the Chicago vinyl section ❤ The brochure for concert listings also had this amazing AD 



Next shop I went to was an all handmade jewelry boutique 🙂 Handmade jewerly is very big here! Most of the jewerly has a modern, vintage, and quirky feel. I splurged a little bit on this guy, but I can now saw I have my very own French man! He’s a little old but he enjoys long walks in the park. It’s the little things in life I know I will cherish forever 🙂


I also saw my first poodle today…in an ice cream shop!!!! Too much cute.






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  1. So glad you’re French is getting so much improved. Glad you are enjoying France. Love your posts. Kinda makes me feel like I’m there with you!

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