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I am a kitsch enthusiast, antique hoarder,  and plant consumer. So, this blog post is dedicated to all things vintage and yummy that I have come across in my adventures.

For those who may not know me, I have been vegan for almost 5 years, and a vegetarian since I was 11 or 12. From this you can conclude that I really do appreciate a good plant to stuff in my mouth, and a pig to pet. Liked I mentioned in a previous food post, I was very worried about living abroad; especially with a home-stay. I did not want to come across rude or maybe a little bit “bizzare” for having a different diet. When you go and apply for a home-stay there is a diet section, this helps people pick the right fit for their family. With my home-stay I eat breakfast and dinner with her, which is included in my rent. The first day I met Catherine I talked all about  how I am vegan in the United States,but for France I would eat some vegetarian things (I didn’t want her to worry about butter, dairy, and eggs in things she doesn’t know how to avoid, such as in breads or some pastas) I got extremely lucky because Catherine cooks mostly vegan. She is really health conscious, her son goes to a vegetarian school,  and she only buys BIO products (BIO is what they call organic). She said she understands why I am vegan  because a lot of US food is loaded with chemicals, so being vegan is a nice way to avoid all of this.haha I tried telling her of how we have a butter that is one ingredient away from being plastic. I also think me being vegan is a good representation for the U.S, because she imagines Americans consuming fast food 24/7. Hopefully I have spread some positive light on an American’s diet and way of life 🙂

For breakfast I have a cup of coffee and slice of bread with jam.
Dinner is always a main dish of (pasta, quinoa, couscous, quiche, tofu, salad, or cooked veggies).

After our main plate she offers the cheeses. I have tried some of the cheeses when I first arrived to say I’ve tried it, but I still have my vegan reasons. The French consume goat cheese like it is their water >.< I got some strange looks in the park when I picked 20 slices of goat cheese off my baguette sandwich, only wanted the tomatos and lettuce haha. Batiste especially loves his goat cheese. We had pasta the other night and I put pesto on mine, and he shaved, oh I think it was about 2 cups of cheese on his lol.

After the cheese plate, you choose from fresh fruit, fruit compote (like a fancy apple sauce) or yogurt. Some nights she’ll make mousse, crepes, rice pudding, cookies, or even soy pudding! It came in a paper box like common soy milk in the US. She told me it was what Batiste’s school serves for dessert! It was yummy.

A neat fact about some food here, their milk and eggs are NOT refrigeratorated in the grocery store.

IMG_5576 IMG_5607 soy milkIMG_5584  IMG_5575 I am taking pictures of her recipe books to steal 🙂
IMG_5236 IMG_5235 IMG_4619IMG_4614

Antiques and books are very appreciated in France. The amount of used booked stores I have come across is a bit shocking to me. I am used to seeing unloved book piles in the thirft stores, covered in cob webs. The nicest and cutest old people work at the stores too 🙂 Always so cheerful visting them.
These were some goods from the flea market today. I was on my lunch break between classes, being productive on the way to the bank for my rent, when I discovered it. Mom please don’t yell at me but I didn’t make it back to school for the rest of the day. >.< lol I bought a vintage La Poste pin for 1 euro 🙂 missing class ? WORTH IT. I was also annoyed that our 8am didn’t start until 8:30am because well…French time…

IMG_5612 IMG_5611

I spent a half an hour at this card vendor. I have a small collection of vintage illustrations already, so you can imgaine my heart sunk. I didn’t buy any though 😦 The ones I wanted were 7-40 euros. There was a little dog underneath the table squeaking a ball. I also noticed all the puppy/kitten cards were the most expensive. One of my kind? Probably

IMG_5610 IMG_5609

  The purchase ! This vendor has about 100+ pins. A lot of them were travel destinations or companies (mostly food companies). I would have bought more if it wasn’t so difficult to go through them!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen& Kitsch

  1. Love your posts. Don’t worry about missing some class. I’m sure your Mom might have missed a couple herself! Lol

  2. I love hearing your stories. Glad you found some fun stores to get lost in. I can understand how you were so consumed with shopping that you missed your afternoon classes.

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