____This weekend I took the roads less traveled____
Saturday I rented bikes with my new roomate Claire. My homestay is renting out another room, and right now is it with Claire. (next month is may be two girls from Spain) She is from Toulouse, 22, and is currently looking for a job as a nurse. It is really nice to have even more opportunities to speak French. Claire’s French, along with many young southern French speakers, is very mumbled. I listen in on conersations with Claire and my homestay,and if I stop listening for one moment I get lost. It is like a black hole of no return!!!! But, these are the challenges I came to over come while living in France. Another interesting fact is she is allergic to gluten! I read a joke the other day that gluten allergies have been made up by rich people who shop at Whole Foods. I really didn’t think I would find gluten problems with French people (Baguette immunity??) But no, they have it just like we do 🙂 in the grocery store today I even stumpled upon a gluten-free aisle, with box pizza and cake recipes.

Well back on the subject of paths—– We rented bikes and rode along the Rhone river and country roads. My favorite part was seeing the apple and pear fields. Next to winter, autumn is my favorite season. Seeing the apple fields made me feel like I was home (not that I want to leave France by any means) but it is still comforting. I coudln’t help but giggle at the escargot problem in the apple fields.
IMG_5978  IMG_5988
IMG_5980 IMG_5981

Sunday morning my homestay took Claire and I to the countryside! First, we went to a morning market in a small city next to Avignon. It was in a decent sized parking lot, filled with divine treasures. Of course I wanted all the things that are not functionally sized to lug with me through an airpot.

After wards, we went driving through a bunch of small towns within the mountains.
If I never ride in a tiny car again down French roads…it’ll be too soon…The views were worth it at any cost, and I am incredibly thankful, I just got really really car sick. So bare with me when I say I cannot tell you all the city names where I took the pictures >.< Luckily my homestay understood because right when I told her I feel sick she replied with “ohhh yes because the American cars are big.”

I hope my pictures speak for themselves, because I am starting to feel a little queezing reminiscing on my car adventure..hehe

IMG_6140 IMG_6143

Gordes, France


Rousillon, France

Now for all the other pictures, they were taken in 2 other small cities not too far off 🙂 I find it really amusing when my homestay tells me “oh this city has a lot of American tourists” lol I love when we see them and they stick out, I just feel like they are my family.

IMG_6133 IMG_6132 IMG_6131 IMG_6130 IMG_6125 IMG_6092 IMG_6094
Not a bad view for a coffee break 🙂
IMG_6135 IMG_6137If you’re a cute old couple like this, I would not recommend stopping here. The paths and staircases are VERY steep, I even saw a kid on a leesh so he wouldn’t fall. haha

Now these pictures are from the morning market 🙂 While we were driving we passed about 4 more ( OH HOW I LOVE YOU FRANCE AND YOUR ANTIQUES)

IMG_6139 IMG_6138 IMG_6127 IMG_6124 IMG_6141
I reached in for some fabric and this cutie kissed me. He was a Frenchie/Boston mix! Another reason I love going to the markets is the vendors usually have a dog, and the dog seems to fit their personality haha

P.S Sorry if it takes me awhile to approve/respond to comments. Everytime I try and open the page my slow wifi freezes. I am trying! ❤ I appreciate it all 🙂 makes my day


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