There’s so much value in appreciating the world around you and taking the time to notice things for more than what they seem to be.

Everday I am seeing patterns with my homestay
-Last night Batiste got in trouble at dinner for going into the refrigerator. The reason behind this is because Catherine is the adult of the house, therefore she is the chef. She is the one who controls and organizes the fridge/food. If Batiste wants something, he has to ask politely. This is not for the children to be waited on hand and foot, but to teach manners and appreciation for what is provided.

-Batiste also got in trouble for eating his grilled cheese with his hands. “It is not an American hamburger” Proper eating adequate is very important here, for it shows your upbringing in your home, and education.

-The childrens’ anatomy books show the penis, ovaries, and vagina. How did I find this out tied into dinner time? Well, Batiste asked Catherine what organ is below his heart, and she gracefully went to fetch his anatomy book. I told him I thought it was the lungs, and he gave me a sneaky look and said “shhh” and ran into the pantry to fetch a Kinder chocolate bar.  He then realized they were all gone, heard Catherine coming back, and sprang to his chair without her noticing.

-So yes, kids will be kids, but in my opinion it is lovely how intuned the French are with knowing the body at a young age. I can guarantee you there was no gigglings when she went over the women/men body parts. Unlike my flashbacks of 5th grade with awkwardly divided classrooms based on sex, not wanting to make eye contact with eachother.

-The body is beautiful and natural, why hide it until a certain age that “society” deems as mature enough? Or maybe hiding it beyond age 11 is just too much work.


As for the images, learning these differences are a way I am learning about myself.  For the days you wake up and feel like you don’t know yourself any more, maybe you’re lost, or maybe you just know there’s more to life then “this” Make a new friend ❤


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