This morning I traveled 20 minutes outside Avignon to St. Rémy for yet again another morning market. If you can’t tell, they are my favorite. This market was specialized in hand made goods of fashion and food.

My phone had 10% battery life  >.<   So I  only turned my phone on for the “really worth it pictures”. (forgot real camera) I am not going to sugar coat it, but I miss the US’s commercialized holidays. I don’t know what to do with myself when I am in the checkoutline and there’s no halloween candy, socks, or pencils to choose from. Seeing the seasonal fruit and veggies is sort of the next best thing. So, hence all the orange produce 🙂  Like I mentioned, this market specialized in handmade/homemade, so I saw my first Foie Gras product. My vegan heart was crying, but the vendors was noted as  legit old French men. Like, the French man you imagine in your head, beret, pipe and all.






This was a store that featured only French artists, who for the most part, are from Paris. A lot of the products were vintage upscaled; reworked leather, textured material, jewerly, and homegoods. Some art was just plain kitsch-you can tell from the picture on the left featuring flamingos, gnomes, skull lamp, animal painted china, and victorian dressed dog statue. I dare you to say this isn’t perfection. I love you France, I don’t even care that the candle stick in the right picture is 600 euros.

My homestay mentioned (again) that this is a town for American tourists. It is popular for rich foreigners to buy a second house in St. Remy. So that is why a lot of artists come here to sell their art as expensive in the market and in the stores. Right when she was saying this to me we walked into this store and an American couple were buying a reworked vintage bag for over a 1000.

I was shocked at how many tourists don’t try and speak French. They simply just ask “How much does this cost” “Do you speak English”

CMONNNNNNNNN *** it won’t hurt to try a little.




I just loved this barber shop. Vintage posters hung everywhere. I was trying to capture a man was giving a haircut in a traditional white blouse. But, the man I did capture made fun of me for taking a picture lol but he was very nice and asked where I was from.




A TAAAABLLLEEE 🙂 This is what I purchased. I got the table cloth for 3 euros!  Cute and kitsch 🙂 woo.
The other two are vintage inspired dog items that I got in a store-I couldn’t resist.



I am getting really stressed out with buying souvenirs for my loved ones. I just want to bring back everything so they can expierence like I have. This has caused me to not buy a darn thing yet!!!!!! Anyone have tips?





2 thoughts on “Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

  1. Mom is right….pictures are the BEST for those of us whom you left behind….the REAL memories will always be in your heart…enjoy! au revoir ….my darling! 🙂

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