Thursday ~ October 10th










*~*~*~Wanted to share a few tid bits of a lovely day ~*~*~*
I have fallen in love with mornings. In the US I never eat breakfast, but I have came to make it a nature of habit here in France.  I went to the market in Les Halles after class, and the mushrooms caught my eye. My Fall heart liked the earthy warm tones. When I was walking back to my apartment I noticed an adorable mushroom shop. Only in France would there be a store just for mushrooms. The store has a round kitchen table with about 10 kinds of mushrooms. I got the impression you go in, sit down, and she’ll explain each kind to you. How neat!

I needed to buy some face wash so I went to one of my favorite stores Lush. Remember how in my last post I said I don’t know what do to with myself when there is no commercialized holidays?? Well, thank you Lush >.<

I started a very long and fun night with Pastis! Pastis is similar to absinthe where it is a high proof, ainise based drink, and it is extremely popular in the south of France. I wanted to try it even though my friends said it is way too strong, and they were right…


*bonne journée*

The sad truth is that happiness is often as fleeting as the sources that create it.



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