October 12th

Ce soir, I babysat Batiste. Catherine and her boyfriend are both divorced parents, so it’s hard for them to see each other. The hopeless romantic France is making me be, feels bad for them. And to be honest, I didn’t have any plans for Saturday night  :p

You should let me babysit your child, i’ll let them play with fire~*~*

I wanted to do a Halloween craft with Batiste primarily to share some of my culture, but also to make the home feel more at home. I pondered Pinterest for a unique and easy supply list to decorate a pumpkin. Voila ! Melted crayon pumpkins! How hard can that be? Two things I didn’t think would be different than the US, but crayons? Yeah those aren’t everywhere. I came up with the conclusion that the French are salty we used their word for <<pencils>>  Secondly, a normal size pumpkin will run you 25 euros. I didn’t want to go with paint (messy and boring) so I searched and searched for crayons. I finally went to an upscale children’s bookstore and found some! I then went with two itty bitty pumpkins for 2 euros 🙂

-I was explaining my pumpkin situation to Claire my French roommate, and how I was shocked at the prices. I then explained how pumpkin flavor is in our cakes, soups, to even in our coffee during Autumn. With wide eyes her response was “You mean you drink coffee with your pumpkin cake”

No, I mean the pumpkin is in the coffee.

I did buy lighters for the project, because in my mind that was safe. But, Batiste never used them before so he liked the matches. Whenever his fingers would get a little bit hot he told me it was okay because he cooks with his Dad. lol Before you think I am the worst babysitter ever we wetted the ends so the matches didn’t flame up all the way!!!

So speaking of Batiste’s father he is a chef of an amazing restaurant. As a thank you for watching Batiste I got to eat there tonight. Batiste’s father Stephan is also amazing! He’s the avid antique collector I hope to be one day. He puts all his treasures  in his restaurant,  and he has the story to every little piece.

IMG_6448IMG_6449 IMG_6450IMG_6457

-He has one of the props from the movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. The opening scene where Johnny Depp is entering the family castle, there is a special shadow effect made by a pufferfish light, and he owns it!

-He has one of a set of 5 statues, where the other 4 are in Van Gogh’s home in Provence, France.

-He has a pair of 70s platform boots. They are leather with the British flag on them. There are has several pictures of the drummer of The Who and David Bowie wearing the same ones.

-Countless other history lessons were taught tonight, from coffee grinders to hats from The Little House on the Prairie.

For the menu he pulled out a vintage chalk board and went threw all the plates of the night. I went with the tapenade  (olive paste) salad and Indian plate (spinach and masala) 🙂 Seriously super. I told him I was full for dessert and he insisted on a tiny version of the creme burlee-of course a tiny version means getting it with a cute cut up brownie and orange reduction.

I also played many games at the restaurant with Batiste.

IMG_6454IMG_6455 IMG_6456

One thought on “October 12th

  1. Your baby sitting experience seems very cool. Perhaps I should mail Bastiste the Crayola 48 pack as a Christmas present. I would love to see the antiques…sounds very cool.

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