Tarte aux…

The French Pantry- Madeleines

I am starting to question why every food I consume doesn’t come in the form of a tarte? It’s aesthetically and appetizing pleasing. The Tarte aux Pommes was in the morning market at Les Halles. The second tarte, Tarte aux pommes et prunes was  made by Catherine, sans gluten et sucre, et vegan!!!! So divine. The coffee to the right had soy chai milk in it, which I found at the most adorable BIO store.



For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I had an important life event of having my first crêpe salée of bretonnes (stuffed with champignons and tomatoes) Paired with cidre, which is like an apple champaign. It’s tradition to drink this with crêpes bretonnes. :)! super


Here’s a lovely image of my pup, because I miss her and I am in the process of saving my phone’s images onto my computer.

And don’t you fret…I have been expirementing with wine as much as I have with the tartes. This one was from Corse !


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