Uzès, France

A program with my University held a day trip to Uzès, France where I would explore the Haribo factory, the streets of Uzès, and the Pont du Gard. The day started with a 35 minute bus ride from Avignon. I have concluded that the size of the car does not matter, and the French roads will make me car sick no matter what. >.< But I made it to Uzès without reliving my espresso from the morning. Oooo-ray !  I was welcomed by a giant bear and marshmallow statue into Haribo land! For some odd reason I thought Haribo candy was Spanish, but it is in fact German. The German company was founded in 1920, most famously known for their gummy candy and use of the black licorice flavor. The factory was adorable,  a place that all one can imagine magical treats come from. It was filled with candy molds, ingredient facts, to even candy related fashion. The rooms that told the history of the ingredients (anise, sugar, gummy) were scented as the flavor !!! My favorite part was seeing all the old advertisements and packaging.

At the end of the tour we hit the gift shop, where the American students got crazy looks from the French, Italian, German, and British students. As I stocked up candy for my family I explained “We don’t have this candy in in the US!” Yes we have the gummy bears, but do we have the sour cola flavored spaghetti?! NO so be excited friends and family.

Uzès’s street life was back dropped by gloomy weather. I feared that I was going to get drenched, but at the end of the day the overcast weather worked to my advantage. The town breathed of fall. Walking down the street you are covered by huge trees, with their fallen leaves scattered all over the cobble stoned roads. This and the gloomy weather inspires one to get cozy with an espresso and warm baguette. Perfect no? 🙂 The locals were among the friendliest, if not the most friendly French people I have come across in my adventures. Oh and so were dogs! I met the cutest Frenchie, who ran up to me as I was kneeling down to take a photo of him (dreams do come true).

At last, I took in the amazing scenery of the Pont du Gard, which is the oldest Roman aqueduct. If that doesn’t compel you enough I over heard a tour guide say something about Harry Potter being there.


Throughout the journey a certain eclectic atmosphere carried with me. From the tiny colorful details of candy, to the gloominess of the weather, to the raw beauty of the Provencal buildings and nature. I hope you are able to relate through the organization of my photos. ❤

IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7116IMG_7090IMG_7091IMG_7086  IMG_7094
IMG_6928IMG_7092IMG_7119IMG_7093IMG_7088IMG_6939 IMG_7089    IMG_7087  IMG_7100IMG_6938

IMG_7102 IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7104 IMG_7099 IMG_7105 IMG_7079 IMG_7078 IMG_7120 IMG_7097 IMG_7096IMG_7124 IMG_7106 IMG_7123 IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7115 IMG_7098IMG_7117 IMG_7118
IMG_7122   IMG_7045


One thought on “Uzès, France

  1. Loved the pictures and your story. Can’t wait for the cola bottles! The doggie is sooo cute. Almost as cute as Carly. Who, by the way, has been talking a lot!

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