Outside the Hexagone

ImageThis Sunday, my adventures outside the hexagone called France begins! I have been planning trips to be a world traveler, but also, to make use of my expensive plane ticket that got me here in the first place. I may also be procrastinating my flight back to the US as long as I  can :p

My travels have been planned out by the holidays, because of breaks, but also to remanence of a year with the MOST amazing holidays 🙂

Halloween  ~*~ Barcelona

Thanksgiving  ~*~ Paris

Christmas  ~*~ Munich

New Year’s Eve ~*~ London


I am off to Barcelona for  6 days! Currently practicing the 5 years of Spanish that was once soaked into my brain, but sadly, it may have been rang out. Being so close to Mexico in the US, much of what I think is “Spanish” is actually the culture in Mexico (burritos-chips&salsa-Dios los Muertos-Frida) So I am excited to learn ! I still wish I will be able to find a burrito, because my food pyramid in the US seemed to always be in the shape of a burrito :p Here in France, you will find a Kabaab food cafe on EVERY corner. This is due to their many immigrants of that delicacy. To me, I can’t help but giggle because in the US we have the burritos on every corner, due to our immigrant population. Funny how things are different, yet so alike.

~*Any tid bits of advice in any of these travel destinations would be oh so appreciated.*~
One advice I kept getting informed about is that Barcelona is swarmed with pick-pocketers. My Chicago street smarts will be in full-play hehe. 

 Ciao !!!


3 thoughts on “Outside the Hexagone

  1. Hope you had a great time in Barcelona. Was there way back in 1996, and Dominic was still a young boy. 🙂

    Just keep your purse close to you at all times (keeping your money in different places does help), be aware of your surroundings at all times and never allow yourself to be distracted by something/someone, so that you lose track of your belongings. And always try not to look like a tourist, especially a lost tourist. 🙂 Otherwise, these travels will definitely be one of the highlights of a life well traveled and well lived. 🙂

    If you don’t have any contacts in London, and you would want some contact, in case you need help or a guide 🙂 while you’re there, Dominic has an Auntie who lives there with her family (hubby and 2 daughters, one is 21 years old and at uni also). Let me know and we can hook you up with them.

    Bonne route et bonnes vacances!

    • I am completely smitten with Barcelona ! Even though Spain is my second country after France, it is one of my favorite places. 🙂

      I couldn’t get over how friendly everyone is there. From the hostel, to the tourist area, to even the local areas, everyone was so nice. Luckily, nothing was stolen, and we had no bad encounters. My friend and I joked maybe the people seemed so friendly because we were coming from France hehe The French do not socialize with people they do not know.

      That is very kind !!!! 🙂 I shall let you or Dominic know when I will be there for sure and hopefully your family would like to show a tourist around !!!

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