Desire to Learn

ImageThe hardest part of learning another language, is that you can’t BS it. I’m sure I could make my way through France living with the simple phrases of <<oui, non>> <d’accord>> <<merci>> and <<putain>>, given some circumstances hehe. But muttering these words, without any idea of the context, are just noises. 

I want the French to comprehend my personality and opinions, from what I say. I simply do not want them to know an answer to a oui or non question. This is what makes it difficult, and a little frustrating. I do have those days where I wake up on the wrong side of bed, miss my dog, or haven’t had enough coffee, and I feel as if all my French went out the window. In conclusion, language needs the fuel of passion. 

As an obstacle as this is, it also makes learning a language more special. Everyday I am constantly learning something new, and that is something I am incredible thankful for. 

Even if an 8 year old corrects my grammar while I am speaking mid sentence making me want to go in my room and cry and never say another word again, I am constantly learning.  Live everyday as a challenge to yourself. 




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