Soufflés and Puppets

Sorry it’s been awhile, blogging has deemed itself as a task because I have been too busy to want to collect my thoughts.

This weekend was made of school work and plans with my homestay. Friday afternoon, I went to my first french theatre performance !  Only 10 percent of the show was speaking dialogue, and I was still confussed = French art problems. Although I was lost, I enjoyed the performance for it had a quirky ambiance-and a bit creepy. The story was about a girl who lived in a mental hospital (which I didn’t realize until the end) who had a man puppet. The man puppet was fabricated out of muslin, with a simple face, nothing realistic, so you can see why it was a bit creepy. The scenery was all set in blacks, whites, and off whites-with powder tucked away in some of the props-so when she used them-a fog would appear as part of the action. To sum the story up, the girl was lonely and crazy, for at one point she gave birth to a balloon and rubbed it all over the man puppet.

Along with experiencing my first theatre, I also experienced my first soufflé, made by Catherine ! Her cooking is always super, but this dinner was extra  special because we celebrated the coming of winter. After the theatre on Friday, we were suppose to go to a coming of winter celebration with Batiste’s school, but sadly it got rained out. Batiste’s school has the tradition where every year for winter the kids create lanterns that they will light during the night in a forest celebration ! The lanterns symbolize warmth and life, in the hopes that this year’s winter will carry some. The school also makes a huge pot of vegetarian soup and bread for all to share !  So saturday night we light lanterns in the kitchen and made a warm ambiance for the soufflé !

IMG_7726          Batiste’s Lantern & the soufflé !
I would describe it as a light, airy, and a bit watery version of a quiche.IMG_7730

More of Catherine’s Cuisine-this bread is currently in the kitchen and it smells so cozy !
She made this last week-Pommes de terre au tofu ! Potatoes and tofu :p

Below are just some random pictures-cute bakery, cute bumper sticker, cute dog, and weird produce at the market hehe !
IMG_7734 IMG_7735 IMG_7738



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